The children of Rick from suburban Boston helped us with a little video project last spring. In return, we agreed to sponsor their T-ball league. Throughout the season, we will chronicle the league's exploits.

David Lillian, one of the league's parents, sent along this report to keep us abreast of the grueling spring training regimen that continued this week:

The tykes began practice by perfecting which way to run after touching the first base bag. After everyone had a turn, the team moved on to a hitting drill, which involved keeping their "eyes on the ball." It was pretty easy to do, since the ball just sat motionless on the tee right in front of their faces. But the lesson also stressed the importance of being schooled in sports cliches. Armed with such knowledge, each player can better understand what their fathers will likely scream at them from behind the fence.

As the practice wound down, a few of the boys imitated their coaches and learned the proper technique for combining sunflower seeds and bubble gum. The mixture didn't agree with the toddlers' taste buds, however, and practice ended abruptly when two players complained of a "hurt belly." Both are listed as day-to day.

Just like the rest of us. The season begins tomorrow.