The Rutgers wide receiver was projected to go in the second or third round, and after a prank call pump fake on day one, he actually did go in the third round to the team he thought picked him in the first round.

While the Bengals were on the clock with the 27th overall pick, Sanu received the phony call telling him he would be chosen by the Bengals. The Bengals of course did not choose Sanu at that time and player and agent alike were embarrassed. On Friday night, Sanu got another call, this time it was Cincinnati wide receivers coach James Urban, who had given his number to Sanu earlier in the process.

"I said, `Hey Mo, it's James Urban. You want to be a Bengal — this time, for real?"' Urban said.

None of the Bengals' three draft picks on Friday was happier.

"Thank God!" Sanu said, in a conference call. "I'm hysterically laughing about that right now.

"Once I saw that [incoming] number, I was like, `I'm going to be a Bengal!' I'm excited. It's a great feeling. I've never felt like this ever in my life."

It's exciting you were drafted and now get to fulfill a dream, we just hope the shine doesn't rub off once you realize it's all happening in Cincinnati.

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