In one of the more appropriate instances of places to find out you got drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, Utah State linebacker Bobby Wagner learned the news while he was in the bathroom. Wagner was interrupted, but full of joy nonetheless.

"I was actually in the bathroom when I got the phone call," Wagner said. "I was on the way to the bathroom when I got a call from my agent and then I got a call from a Seattle number and I never got to go to the bathroom. I finally got to go. We got the phone call right before the pick and I got to tell them and everybody screamed. When my name went across the screen, everybody screamed again."

When Wagner joined "Gas" and the crew over at Sports Radio KJR, former NFL quarterback Hugh Millen got down to brass tacks and asked the only question that mattered (listen here). "Was this number one or number two?" Wagner did not miss a beat and answered, though he got his numbers crossed.

"This was number two because I don't think you can stop number oneā€”I mean this was number one, it was number one, I don't think you can stop number two....I can hold number one..."

We're pretty sure that means he was urinating since it can be pretty hard to stop shitting up the joint. Just ask the Seahawks.


h/t Kent B.
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