Of course, London Olympic officials want patrons to enjoy their time this summer at the Games, but they also want them to pay for every single amenity imaginable. To that end, organizers have banned fans from bringing in any bottled water and will also confiscate large amounts of food.

The Daily Mail provides a breakdown of how much food will cost once inside the Olympic Park, and how it stacks up with other UK venues:

A spokesman for Games organisers Locog said taking a sandwich in a backpack, for example, should not be a problem, but that a picnic hamper or cool box was ‘likely to be an issue'.

This, they said, was to prevent longer queues at venues while hampers were searched and because there was limited storage space beneath the seats.

But critics claimed it was a ploy to encourage people to buy over-priced food.

The rules surrounding the selling of refreshments for the Olympics and Paralympics are far stricter than they are for other sporting events.

At both Lord's and Wimbledon food is permitted and alcohol is restricted to one bottle of wine or two cans of beer per person.

The best part is that once you do feel the need quench your thirst and/or hunger, your payment options become somewhat limited.

If ticket holders want to buy food at the Olympic Park they will have to use cash or a Visa card. No other credit cards are allowed.

Hot dog: $9.54. Glass of wine: $8.41. Using your MasterCard to pay for overpriced bottled water at the London Olympics: Bugger off.

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