This fine entry kicked off our Patrick Kane photoshop contest, but somehow we knew our wise readers had more in store. And you did not disappoint. I've picked the best ones here—with special commendation for our winner at the end—because we can cram only so many images into a gallery, but keep in mind that you're all winners, except for those of you that are losers.

Reader Adam showed the evolution of man.

Another Adam put Kane in a world... run by apes.

Tim decided to let Kaner ask, "Where's Kenyon?"

Brady's Dimple put Kane in a place he'd never wind up.

Brian put Kane within a dream, within a dream, within a dream.

C.P. just went full Escher.

Bryan did well by giving Kaner's sulking a context.

Raw Toast did that too.

So did Chris.

Renee made the scorned Kane a failed Travolta suitor.

Wyatt embraced the Charlie Brown bit we suggested.

Vince had Kaner about ready to stomp Jay Cutler's tiny dog.

Reader darthpwnage_0 put Kaner in a position to get darthpwned.

Josh Zerkle hit the same note.

Erik put Kaner in a more homoerotic fraternity setting than the one he experienced.

Gabe riffs on a leitmotif of our photoshop contests by having Kaner in the firing line.

Raw Toast hit our other photoshop contest leitmotif.

Ghost of Ski Jones put Kane in a borough in which he'd never set foot.

Jimmy Bad Dance went Where's Waldo with a very funny disclaimer.

John put the zonked-out Kane on The Walking Dead.

Our own Sean Newell went Citizen Kaner.

And Jonerbaloner went Dean Cainer.

Kirk would like to know if Patrick Kane is gonna have to choke a bitch.

Patrick Kane: "Why so serious?"

Patrick Kane: "Inebriating."

Patrick did a fellow Patrick proud with this inspired parody.

Polk Panther made breadcrumbs out of Bud Light. He also made two very funny GIFs, which you can view here and here. We left them out of the gallery because we didn't want to break your computer.

Allison went zeitgeisty by riffing on the Time boob-in-mouth cover. This is runner-up.

And Spare Tire wins for this inspired "Take On Me" parody. Spare Tire, email us to claim your prize. A round of snaps for all.