Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "STRIPPER FIGHT = ASS." Tonight's commentator: Stoya, aka "International Porn Superstar Stoya(tm)." And, "Incendiary, Quixotic, Sassy" Fleshlighteer. Not to mention a wonderful interview subject who doesn't take kindly to ignorance.

Stoya kindly agreed to break down what she saw in this here slice of strip-club-mericana. This is her response, in its unadulterated entirety:

Dear Brian,

Aside from the categorization of Stripper and Adult Film Star as two orders in the class of Sex Worker, I fail to see a connection between this video and my experiences strong enough to merit your asking for my commentary. That said, I've never let a lack of knowledge stop me from forming and publishing an opinion on anything. (see stoya.tumblr.com)

The first few seconds of the video are surprisingly well framed. This leads me to believe that the person holding the camera may be stripping their way through film school. The actual argument between Gingham and Pink is unintelligible due to poor sound quality, but I suppose that asking them to stop long enough to be wired for audio might have been met with a negative response.

Since we're lacking in verbal clues here, I can only assume that one or both came to work already upset about something. A parking ticket, a sick grandmother, or a note from their tax accountant expressing the opinion that seven inch clear plastic heels are not an allowable deduction no matter how impractical for daily life they may be. The catalyst for the argument probably comes down to a combination of too many people crammed into a small space with no productive occupation while waiting for their turn to work and the competitive environment fostered by any commission based sales job.

Also, wrestling is more entertaining with sparkly garments.

Yes. It clearly is.

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