Earlier today, New York sports-talk blowhard Mike Francesa blew extra hard on a topic he should probably avoid in the future: Twitter.

Francesa said he feels it "should be against the law" for broadcasters and athletes to tweet, which was dumb enough, but then things somehow got dumber.

A caller helped Francesa with some of the intricacies of Twitter.

"I don't even know how it works, do you have to pay to tweet?" Francesa asked. "Do you have to pay anything?"

The caller told him no.

Francesa said if that's true then it's inevitable that Twitter may try to make money (great call!). Francesa then tries to unpack all this crazy social-media hocus pocus:


"The point is, if everybody can do it and everybody has access to doing it, how is it something that—if everybody can do it, how does it not become, in many ways, just way, way too common, with no safeguards, no guidelines, no nothing, if everyone can do it?"


"I mean, there's a lot of stuff there," he continued. "But to me, there's a lot of stuff that goes on there that's just inane. And inaccurate. But inane too."


Yup, not at all like anything you'd hear on WFAN on weekday afternoons. Hell, that should be the WFAN slogan. Stick that on your I-95 billboard, fellas: Lots of stuff. Just inane. And inaccurate. But inane too. WFAN on your AM dial.

Click here to view this www.twitvid.com embed.

Click here to view this www.twitvid.com embed.

H/T to Jimmy Traina for the videos and @WFANAudio for this longer clip.