Reddit user hyxurial posted this nonsensical yet somehow strangely compelling manifesto late last night and though it has since been removed, it lives on in my RSS reader and deserves a moment to be appreciated. The ADD-infused thought changes and DFW-esque inline footnoting are abrupt yet welcome, and the whole composition immediately calls to mind the abbreviated, meandering brilliance of @Horse_ebooks, but with a decidedly sports-centric bent.

If anyone can make any sense of this, please, have at it.

Sports, the god of pleasure, the power of life. Yes ah! The role of sport is unparalleled [Note: unmatched: the analogy match. Refers to things perfectly, did not talk to it compared to. ], Your benefits can not count. Sports brought me fun! That day, it is the weekend. Morning, bored, so they took a Cantonese rolls to do. At first, I crossed over a hillside, through one after another obstacle. At this moment, I would like a heroic warrior, been through all sorts of sinister storm. Finally, out of breath [Note: to describe shortness of breath, gasping out loud.] "Came to the last question - think about the question. I began to do more serious. But how do I do it, there are clouds of scratch paper on the floor. Then, my waist and slowly bend, sighs a series was born. My brow tightened. Finally, I gave up on that question is really difficult. Suddenly I would like a deflated ball dejected [Note: to describe the depression due to failure or do not go well, look wilt millet appetite. Sitting there. After a while, my mother affectionately called me to go running, I thought not interested, can not withstand the command of the mother had to go running with her mother. I breathe fresh air, running marching fragrant soil in the park. Paozhaopaozhe, I'm tired, soaked in sweat clothes, hair glued to one side, out of breath sitting on a bench rest. I looked at the brightly colored flowers, green grass, robust

Trees, I feel very comfortable like lying on the green carpet ... Suddenly, my mind flashed a problem-solving approach that problem-solving approach in the flash across my mind. I know how to do it that difficult. Suddenly, I am enlightened [Note: Maosai: Yu Rensi Road occlusion or naive; Dayton: immediately. Seems to have original heart the thatched blocked, and now suddenly opened. To describe ideological suddenly straightens out, immediately see a reason. ], And firmly tapped his thigh, hurried to his mother goodbye, and went straight to the house. Home, with lightning speed problem method write up. The next day, the questions on teacher praise I love to use their brains, I am very pleased. I thought, if it is not my mother told me to go running to relax the brain and body, I did not make, this is the fun of sports! Sports you make my blood circulation intensifies, more open ideas become more clear, coherent ... Oh! Sports, I do not know what words to describe you, because you're so great, you brought me pleasure and makes my life sparkle

Photo via pirita/Shutterstock