It's local news sweeps time again, which means reporters are on the prowl with their I-Teams to trump up whatever tired outrage hasn't been covered recently. Fecal matter in iced tea? Eyewitness News is on your side! Cops eating doughnuts and drinking coffee on the job? The I-Team is there!

Tonight's shocking report comes from KYW, the Philadelphia CBS affiliate that took on the scandalous practice of people parking in spots reserved for the disabled. Don't get us wrong; able-bodied people who park in handicapped spots are assholes. But the "stalk a busy place and wait for people to park in the spot" trick is so tired, it died five years ago.

Regardless, here's one such asshole being confronted by a KYW reporter and informing him he hopes he gets AIDS. Which, you know, is the sort of thing you'd expect out of the type of person who parks in handicapped spots.

If you're for some reason feeling cheated by the above clip, here's what was airing on WCBS in New York at the same time. It appears to be a drunk, shirtless man falling out of a window behind a reporter doing a live shot from the scene of a terrible tragedy.