Wasn't that a fun time, when a reporter at a little Louisiana newspaper accidentally left in some dummy text that made it to print. Oh, we all had a guffaw or two, yes we did. But then we moved on.

The Rayne Independent has not, because it's a dumb little operation that can't laugh at itself. They've fired Kade Seibold, the reporter responsible, because he made an honest mistake, but have taken no action against two other staffers whose jobs, presumably, are to make sure this kind of thing doesn't make it to print.


Look, doing high school sports is a tough job. You're at the mercy of coaches to get their stats in on time. Sometimes you write funny things to amuse yourself, and once in a while you forget to take them out. Like, for example, this: "Kade Seibold fired due to the Rayne Independent's bullshit and laziness. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet."