Welcome to your first donging of June. I'm excited and I know you are, too. let's get right down to it, then. According to Sean J., the NC dongle A is selling these hats at all women's tennis tournaments this year. Remember, if you want to preserve a better place for the children of tomorrow, please send in any would-be penises to the tips department.

Lots of you sent in this graph and I'm left to wonder how many of you out there actually have shark penises? Am I the only one who doesn't? Should I be concerned? Hit me up with some info.

Here is some chicken-related dongage from Chik-fil-A, those closeted sexual freaks. Thanks, A Barry.

Alex P. informs that this cloud (cirrus? It's the only cloud name I know) dong was snapped in Australia. Is it possible clouds experience penis envy? "Put another shrimp on the barbie!" "You have a small penis, other cloud who may or may not be able to talk, like me!"

Here's a penis sock. Not to be confused with a condom. Thanks, Andy.

Brian D. alerts us to the danger of getting a little sloppy with your random information board about sea nettles.

Dano sends in these palm tree dongs. That's about all I've got for this one.

More subliminal dong messages via chicken-based "food," this time in the form of space nuggets. Thanks, Joel.

Here's a float dong from a parade in Virginia. Mathew E. has the eagle on on this one.

Sushi! Thanks Max C.

This is from Michael Greenberg and I am just going to assume it is the ESPN radio personality, because that makes the most sense. Here's a nice scene from some new-agey catalog that has sliding doors for installation inside the home. Very classy, and the finishes really take it to another level.

Science! proves that dongs are everywhere. Thank you Mitchell S.

Reader Jared submits this coloring book he found in the Boston College library. While Harvard snickers, we take a deeper look and see this lovable mutt trying to insert something, somewhere in this sleeping man on one of the couches in the study lounge....just in case.

Reader Steve send in this picture from a library in what he terms "a Catholic university near Chicago." A Giant cock in a Catholic school near Chicago, you say?