Here we are again for another installment of Dongsterpiece theatre. I spell it "theatre" because it's classy. Anyway, we begin today with not so much an unintentional dong, but a highly relevant Russian Euro fan-dong. As always, please send in any would-be penises to the tips department.

Beth, A Reader, sent in this ice-shaped dong she found down her cleavage while at the Preakness. She asked that I not use her last name—you're secret is safe with me Mrs. , A Reader.

We have Brandon to thank for this beautiful tequila bottle. "What ever happened to dong shaped bottles? Now it's all mochafrapacino lattes and flip flops and guys talking about tennis. Am I right fellas?"

Chris sent in this lovely drawing of a "race car" by an unnamed, dong obsessed pre-schooler.

Here's a graffiti dong from some bar in NYC. A couple of you sent this in but I only remembered Dan. Thanks for everything, Dan!

More Russian themed dongs apparently. Reader Daniel sent in this Russian space contraption for training cosmonauts. Looks fun.

"Oh, not much going on here, y'all. Just Paula Deen in the kitchen tracing dongs with delicious, delicious frosting and later we'll mfmfmmpphrghmgrgllrmph [lips smack]" Thanks Drew.

reader "Hoot" sent in this dong-shaped urn or something he snapped in a church display case with classy off-label canned beverage.

This is a lovely serpentine dong table at the CNN table in Atlanta that Matt K. has graciously sent in. He highlights the nice yellow flower pubes. I wonder if the curtains match.

Another Matt sends in this dong incorporating a remnant of the World's Fair in Knoxville.

Michael tries to stamp out any "irish Curse" stereotypes with this leprechaun dong.

This is a lot of dongs for a playground. A lot of dongs. Thanks, Phil.

I find this picture stunningly beautiful for some reason. All the vibrant colors really pop off the page in contrast with the black background. And there is a wonderfully formed penis, to boot. Many thanks to PwCommerce.

Penguins are just ridiculous animals. Never more so than in balloon-with-tiny-genitalia form. Thanks, Russell.

And finally, some poor man's baby drooled a dong all over his shoulder. Was it yours, RWord?