It must have been written into the Eagles' contract with the Angry Birds video game empire that cartoon Andy Reid cannot be fat. Instead the Eagles coach is impossibly muscular at a press conference introducing the newest members of the team: Red Bird, Yellow Bird, and, I don't know, the other birds.

It's a marketing partnership, which means one side is paying the other side to make a video game or put up some ads around the stadium or sponsor a pig roast for Andy Reid or something. Christ, I don't care. It's a team that plays a children's game teaming up with a children's electronic game and both are kind of fun but leave you ultimately unfulfilled and everyone's playing Ski Safari these days anyway, so let's hope both sides make millions of dollars off this and when it comes time to put advertising on uniforms, someone points to the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle and points out we've hit bottom already so what's the big deal?