When the NFLPA released 200 pages of "evidence" from the NFL's case against the Saints, we were disappointed that most of it had nothing to do with bounties, but secretly delighted at the glimpse into Gregg Williams's motivational techniques. Before every game, Williams would create and share Powerpoint slideshows with his defense, and quite often—they were fucking weird.

Here are some of our favorites, starting with the completely inexplicable Beep-Beep Awards. Click through, and please do click the magnifying glass to expand.

Oof. A pretty damn racist mini-biography of General John Pershing, complete with what appears to be a call for executing Iraqi terrorists with bullets soaked in pig's blood. Presumably this was retired before Isa Abdul-Quddus joined the Saints.

In case you were wondering, this is called are you fucking kidding me!

We assume this was commissioned upon the return of DT Rodney Leisle (misspelled in the slide), who left New Orleans after the 2006 season but re-signed in 2009. We also assume he was known for throwing up.

Complacent? Fucking complacent.

Difficult-to-read motivational text.

Easier-to-read motivational text.

For god's sake, clean up after yourselves.

I have no idea.

Loose lips sink ships.