At last, after 72 entries, we've completed our Better Know An Umpire series. We hope you've enjoyed learning more about the human elements in blue, the men who wander anonymously through the sport, even as they make the game all about them. Next time some stooge in a chest protector screws your team out of a victory, you know where to look.

Based on your responses, the most popular feature of these BKAU blurbs wasn't the betting info or the scouting reports. No, it was the called-strike-three GIF at the bottom of every post. We've collated all 72 of those GIFS for your enjoyment. Here's the first half. Click here for the second half.

Note: You may want to wait a minute before scrolling all the way down. There are 36 GIFs on this page, and it'll take a moment for them all to load. Trust us, though. It'll be worth it.

Joe West

Hunter Wendelstedt

John Hirschbeck

CB Bucknor

Tim McClelland

Lance Barksdale

Mark Wegner

Fieldin Culbreth

Andy Fletcher

Paul Schrieber

Chris Guccione

Marvin Hudson

Greg Gibson

Mike Everitt

Tony Randazzo

Paul Nauert

Sam Holbrook

Rob Drake

Ed Rapuano

Paul Emmel

Jeff Nelson

Jim Wolf

Dan Iassogna

Ted Barrett

Adrian Johnson

Mike DiMuro

James Hoye

Kerwin Danley

Derryl Cousins

Scott Barry

Chad Fairchild

Mike Winters

Brian Runge

Gary Cederstrom

Dana DeMuth

Dan Bellino

The second half of the gallery can be found here. For the complete Better Know An Umpire series, click here.