Enjoyed our first batch of strike-three calls? Well, here's another heaping helping for you. This collection includes such notables as Jim Joyce, Angel Hernandez, Balkin' Bob Davidson, and the legendary contortions of one Tom Hallion, who may have the greatest punchout in the history of umpiring. Scroll down to see for yourself and let us know in the discussion below if you've got a favorite.

Note: You may want to wait a minute before scrolling all the way down. There are 36 GIFs on this page and it'll take a minute for them all to load. Trust us, though. It'll be worth it.

Gary Darling

Manny Gonzalez

Bill Miller

Aflonso Marquez

Doug Eddings

Angel Campos

Brian Knight

Jim Joyce

Jim Reynolds

Eric Cooper

Tim Timmons

Angel Hernandez

Ron Kulpa

Laz Diaz

Lance Barrett

Mark Carlson

Gerry Davis

Ed Hickox

Vic Carapazza

Tom Hallion

Wally Bell

Larry Vanover

Jerry Layne

Marty Foster

Todd Tichenor

Bill Welke

Brian Gorman

Jeff Kellogg

Bruce Dreckman

Brian O'Nora

Tim Welke

Jerry Meals

Bob Davidson

Tim Tschida

Phil Cuzzi

Dale Scott

BONUS: Wally Hughes of MLB 12 The Show

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