Reader John writes in with a question addressed to me but much better suited for Deadspin's commenters:

Hi Jack,

In a couple weeks, Georgetown alums will be going against Syracuse alums in a beer pong tournament in New York City. As a proud Georgetown alum, I need my team's name to be both clever and offensive to my Syracuse opponents. So far, I've come up with:

‚ÄėCuse Is Doing (Laurie) Fine
Bernie Fine Reaches Playing 1-on-1
Fine with the Statute of Limitations
2-for-1 Special at the Fine House
Laurie Fine Juices ‚ÄėCuse
Something about Bernie Fine being eskimo brothers with his players, but I haven't come up with something pithy along that line

Any suggestions?

I might also go with the universally offensive "Rodney King's Pool Cleaners." Is that racist? I appreciate any input.

Probably not racist, but definitely offensive. Kinja community members: what've you got?