Ok, Lou, relax. We are back after taking last week off. So sorry to interrupt your weekly dose of unintentional dongs. Today we start with a quite intentional sand trap dong at Toftree's Golf Course in State Park. Our reader informed us that one of these beauties appeared in one of the sand traps on almost every hole. As always, please send in any would-be penises to the tips department.

Reader Aaron sent in this picture from Fenway that apparently celebrates the team's Boston Dick Socks roots. Lovely.

Reader Adam sent in this dong stain from his kitchen. This reminds me of that scene from Ghostbusters when Sigourney Weaver is unpacking her groceries and the eggs start splattering everwhere. Just minus the supernatural forces.

OK, OK. This is just a balloon animal. I know, it'd make more sense to post pictures of balloon animals that didn't look penises, amirite?! But, here's the hidden gem with this one: it was sent from someone with "cox" in their email address. Cox!

JC sends in this piece of dong bread. If you're wondering, penis-shaped is a weird shape to make a piece of bread.

Jefferson provides this Lion-mounting-man-who-appears-willing-to-mount-the-lion thingy. Thanks Jefferson!

Thanks to reader Joel we are able to retire the oft-used phrase "Sausage Party" when describing a part comprised primarily of dudes. Now we can use "Worm Circus."

Presented without comment, thank you Jon.

Reader Jordan says this was a home grown dong-mater. But will your knife be sharp enough to cut through it and a steel pipe?

Kenny sends in what appears to be some kind of plush coconut tree associated with a children's book. I don't have much else to go on other than it does in fact look like a dong with testicles. So there you have it.

Oh, good old cactus dong. Where have you been recently? Thanks for bringing him back, Omar.

Reader Phil sends in this wine stain he took at a wedding. This is a much more realistic-looking dong than some of the more cartoony ones we get. Some veins, not symmetrical. It's The Dark Knight to our usual Batman Returns.

"Winner of 2012 Pulitzer Prize" Thanks, Sam!

Steve I. sends in a nice picture of a dong growing out of a mountain in Colorado. Breathtaking.

And finally, some phone number sent in this picture of a Whack-a-Mole game. Thanks for reading!