The closing ceremonies kick off this afternoon at 4 p.m. EST. But why wait (*checks watch*) five minutes to see what the set'll look like? Hey, you could look at pictures of past closing ceremonies, or you could look at pictures of future closing ceremonies. Here are some pre-ceremony pictures being tweeted and instagramed by various insiders.

From what we can tell: there will some kind of ferris wheel, Allesandra Ambrosio will be holding or is currently holding something shiny, Ludcaris and Vin Diesel may be in the house, and everything is bathed in an eerie blue light.

From SI photographer Robert Beck:

From @RickyBerens, what the US and Swiss delegations will be wearing:

Presumably apocryphal, unless—dear God, is Russell Brand really singing "I Am the Walrus"?

And here's your BBC Livestream, because fuck you, NBC.

Top image courtesy Mark Smith (@MarkSmith4100)