You know how this goes. You're just a regular guy, living his life, when all of a sudden, Jon "Bones" Jones cancels UFC 151, ruining everything. So, you do the only logical thing you can do. Google "Jon Jones," find his twitter handle and tell him how you think he's the biggest pussy this side of Michelle Duggar. The only hitch in this get along is that you're an MMA fan, so you are breathtakingly stupid and find the wrong guy and harass him endlessly.

Meet Jon Jones: mild mannered art producer, wearer of dark-rimmed glasses and a soul patch. He is also definitely not MMA fighter Jon "Bones" Jones. Yet, here we are.

At this point, I think Jon Jones has had a pretty awesome couple of days. Since the pay-per-view event was canceled when MMA Jones did not accept Chael Sonnen as his new opponent after Dan Henderson was forced to withdraw, regular dude Jones was interviewed by TMZ, turned into a meme and got a truckload of new followers. All thanks to stupid people! And he did it all with a smile and a wink.

h/t IronMikeGallego