On May 17, the last time Ozzie Guillén composed a tweet before his 3.5 month hiatus, the Marlins were celebrating a new stadium, a largely new team, a new manager, and new trippy home run celebration sculpture. So it seemed logical that Guillen would quit Twitter to focus on managing the Marlins. At the time, they were a reasonable 20-18, and when Ozzie talked to reporters after that day's game, he said, "I hate Twitter," and pointed out, "I am not Kim Kardashian."

Welp, the Marlins suck now, and on Sept. 4, when they fell to 60-76, Guillen hopped back on with the vaguely menacing salutation you see above. Since then? Nothing but goodness:

Then he switched to Spanish, for some reason, a language in which he does not do the period-after-every-word thing. @SeanOfKelly figured out that weird habit:

That's true, we tried it, although. Last time Guillen quit Twitter, he said, "I don't need the aggravation. So many nasty people that don't have nothing better to do." So we just want to make clear we're not trying to be nasty: we. like. your. tweets. and. want. thas. continue. jajajajaj.