Kenny Chesney is making picks and Lee Corso is wearing a cowboy hat (again) so let's do some signage. Above: Will Muschamp gets clowned yet again, when the Tennessee crowd suggests that, like all assholes, Will Muschamp listens to Nickelback.

For the record, Lee Corso went to Florida State, and was roommates with Burt Reynolds. But he's making the same face as the sign, so who cares where he went.

John Stamos, making the back of Tom Rinaldi's neck itch.

"Vols deep," pretty good.

Nothing is better than jorts.

Damn, Da'Rick! Pick up your face. (Background here. Incidentally, you know a burn is good when you need to read background articles, and I mean that.)

The big-face sign been's done before and done better, but that's a solid effort. Oh, and Tom: Open your eyes once in a while.

"Hey, Ma, turn on Gameday. I spent my last money on this dumb sign."

He was accurate, if he was aiming for windshields, which obviously you would, if you were throwing things at a car from a balcony, which obviously you would, if you were UT's starting quarterback.