That is to say, as negative as possible, in every case: the Freeh Report has 44 reviews on Amazon right now, and they are all one star. I mean, that sort of makes sense—who goes on Amazon to give a positive review of the report stemming from an extrajudicial review process?—but on the heels of Franco Harris's mighty stand at the PSU board of trustees meeting and the news that Penn State's trustees won't commission a detailed analysis of Freeh's report or offer any sort of counter-report, it seemed like a reasonable time to remember that there are and likely always will be some Penn State truthers out there who think the Freeh report is "Freeh of facts." One thing you can learn by going through these: the new villain, apart from Louis Freeh himself, is Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, who's in on it somehow or other, possibly because the publisher of this version of the report chose a Corbett quote for the cover. [Click to expand.]

Many of the reviewers make one very salient point: you can get it free, right here—it's a cash grab from CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ($19.95!), and for that reason deserves no stars. Anyone who isn't interested in that has, as Doug H notes above, other options.