A dogfight between cities on I-95 that just plain hate each other. It showed:

Lofty chipitidue: Here's DeSean Jackson, being a dick (click to enlarge):

The Battle of the Frustrating Quarterbacks: Mike Vick stormed down the field on the opening posession, only to get picked in the endzone:

No matter, Flacco fumbled on the ensuing drive:

LeSean McCoy would punch it in (ha-ha) for the Eagles's first score of the game. The struggle between QBs that are held in unsteady regard by their quick-to-anger fan bases looked like it would be lost by everyone, but Vick eventually willed the afternoon his way, with the game-winning touchdown run and 371 yards total through the air. Sorry Baltimore—you still have Ray Rice. Ravens are 1-1, Eagles 2-0.