Roger Goodell is the worst, a nothingburger who rose to power on his daddy's good name, a sort of Commissioner Fredo whose legacy thus far is two self-destructive labor fights, some owner collusion, and ceaseless bullshit about the sanctity of the game. We've spent a lot of time writing about all these things, but sometimes pictures can be more powerful than words, particularly when those pictures are carefully selected to be as unflattering as possible. With that in mind, we present the following gallery of photos that have accompanied our stories about the commissioner:

Mar. 16, 2011: Roger Goodell Almost Certainly Fell Asleep In A Tanning Bed Before This ESPN Interview

April 27, 2011: Roger Goodell Is Going To Be A Big Baby About This Lockout Until The Very End

June 9, 2011: Roger Goodell Is Waving His Dick Around Only Because He Loves Us So Much

Sept. 6, 2011: Roger Goodell Enforces The Laws That Roger Goodell Came Up With Just Now

Sept. 8, 2011: Roger Goodell Is Shifting Liability Onto The Help

Sept. 30, 2011: Roger Goodell Has Reviewed Roger Goodell's Decision On Terrelle Pryor And Ruled In Roger Goodell's Favor

March 6, 2012: The Real Outrage Of The Saints Bounty Scandal

March 28, 2012: Why Can't Roger Goodell Go One Day Without Lying?

May 22, 2012: The NFL Wins Because The NFL Always Wins

June, 17 2012: Anthony Hargrove's Agent Blasts The NFL For "Semantics-Gate"

July 3, 2012: Roger Goodell Upholds Own Ruling In Decision That Cannot Be Appealed

Sept. 6, 2012: Roger Goodell's Sanctimonious Pledge To "Make Everything Safer, Including Our Military"

Sept. 17, 2012: The Scab Refs Still Suck, And Roger Goodell Is Still A Hypocritical Shitstain

Sept. 23, 2012: NFLPA Executive Committee Absolutely Kills NFL Owners And Roger Goodell For Locking Out Officials

Sept. 27, 2012: The NFL Sacrificed Three Weeks Of Games On The Altar Of Bullshit Ideological Purity