Are you a Times reader? Are you in the market for "A Magnificent Lakefront Estate Home in Prestigious 'Lake Butler Sound,' Windermere, Florida"? Do you have a Warren Sapp fetish that you haven't told anyone about? Well then you're already probably pretty excited! This was on page B7 of the Times today.

TMZ reported that a federal judge discharged Sapp from his bankruptcy case three days ago—you know, the bankruptcy case that had him selling his 215 pairs of Air Jordans (that's 430 Air Jordans total) on eBay—and we imagine that the money from the presumed sale of this domicile was a big part of that. No word on whether the "Lion skin rug (female - lioness)" was in the library, the wine cellar, or one of the eight bathrooms.

Are you about to buy Warren Sapp's old house? Let us know.

h/t Jim S.