Gordon Gee, Ohio State's "Best Recruiter" Of Uncompensated Student-Athletes, Expensed $64,000 Over Five Years On Bow Ties: "The university spends tens of thousands of dollars alone branding Gee around his signature bow ties. Since 2007, Ohio State has spent more than $64,000 on bow ties, bow tie cookies and O-H and bow tie pins for Gee and others to distribute, the newspaper found." Read »

Steve Spurrier Wants A Columnist Fired And Will Probably Get His Way: "It gets weirder; Bailey starts talking about free speech and Soviet Russia. A tipster who seems fairly well wired to the situation tells us, 'No word on what the paper is going to do, but indications are Spurrier is going to get his way.'" Read »

Michael Morse Ran The Bases Backwards, Swung With No Bat, And Re-Ran The Bases Forwards Tonight: But: the back wall at Busch stadium is actually out of play, and after some standing around, the umpires establish that fact. Second but: Morse must go back to the batter's box and go through the motions of hitting a grand slam-with a swing and without a bat, in Morse's interpretation-for the runs to count, because baseball makes you touch every base, even when it's obvious what would have happened." Read »

How To Make Chili: A Guide For People Who Aren't Anti-Bean Zealots Or Elitist Scum: "All it asks of us is that we round up some chili peppers, some protein, and some liquid, and we give them time to get to know each other. Beyond that, we've got free rein to customize to our delight. Chili-the cultural institution, not the specific recipe, but sometimes that, too-is a grand monument to heterogeneity. Let's celebrate it for that, and quit with the fighting." Read »

The Redskins Lose Two Players To Pre-Game Collision: "The sense of haplessness in such a bizarre pre-game incident is made all the more Bad News Bears-y since it all took place, according to the CSN reporter, right in front of that weird pirate ship in Raymond James Stadium. And Rex Grossman's continued presence on an NFL roster, of course." Read »

Rory McIlroy Needed A Police Escort To Make His Tee Time At The Ryder Cup Today Because Of The East Coast Bias: "Rory McIlroy had an 11:25 a.m. local time (important) tee time this morning. Rory was a little bit late getting to the Ryder Cup because he has no idea what time it is. According to NBC/Golf Channel, Rory was telling time by the television and since they kept giving his tee time as 12:25 p.m. because they "always do things with eastern time zones in mind," he thought his tee time was at 12:25 p.m." Read »

"Desmond Howard Talked About "Beaver Juice" This Morning On College GameDay: Please do not discuss beaver juice. Anywhere. Desmond Howard elected to do exactly that this morning, and here's what happens. (Also, remix!)" Read »

Hugo Chavez's Opposition In Venezuela Lampoons Him As An Egomaniacal Pitcher: "As it is Venezuela we're talking about, baseball is the metaphor. Chavez is an overmatched pitcher getting shelled by the Monstars-like problems facing Venezuela: Inflation, Blackouts, Insecurity (i.e. violent crime), Scarcities, Holes in the Roads, Unemployment." Read »

Ed Hochuli's Crew Got The Full CBS Starting Lineup Treatment, Complete With Stating Where They Attended School: "How excited was CBS for the return of union officials? Ed Hochuli's crew did the full Super Bowl-style intros before tonight's Jacksonville-Cincinnati game; the officials even said where they went to school. It was cute, but a little weird; after all, we're already back to booing these guys." Read »