MLB Removed The Phrase "We Don't Understand The Infield Fly Rule" From Its Twitter Profile | Major League Baseball quietly edited its Twitter profile in the moments after the infield fly debacle in Atlanta tonight, removing the line "We don't understand the infield fly rule, either" from its description. Read »

"pEnis peniS Penis vagiNa": Your Roundup Of The Best Signs Behind The College Gameday Crew | They could have just done "pEnis peniS Penis peNis," but I guess they get points for being inclusive. Read »

Large, Shirtless, Pole-Clinging North Carolina State Supporter Is Our Favorite Football Fan Of The Year | One man really stood out to us, and though we're used to being titillated by topless people clinging to poles on Saturday nights, this will do just fine. Read »

How To Drink Red Bull Total Zero: Not At All | The first sip of Red Bull Total Zero tastes like poison-oh God poison I'm going to get cancer aren't I what is this lump oh God-but that's not exactly accurate, because if poison tasted like Red Bull Total Zero, nobody would ever drink poison. Read »

The NBA Releases A Video Demonstrating The Seven Illegal Flops That Will Get Players Fined This Season | The NBA released a video yesterday of all the flops that they officially consider flops now that the NBA is officially considering flops. Read »

Here's The Ohio State Marching Band's Shout Out To Video Games | Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Tetris and Halo were just a few of the games featured. Read »

The Iron Sheik: Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Proves "He Have Grasshopper Dick" | Hulk Hogan have the sex with some dumb bitch on the TV. The girl smart if she make the $$ from his bald ass but she also desperate to have sex with the howdy doody like Hulk Hogan. Read »