Hey it's time for Game one of the Joe Buck doubleheader. Let's dive right in! Check out our de facto open thread here.

Buffalo at Arizona (CBS): From time to time, I actually read stuff about other games and often I will share what I read with you here. This is one of those times:

After taking a 21-7 lead over New England early in the third quarter two weeks ago, the Bills have been outscored 90-10

"Your soul is hurt. You hurt in your heart. You hurt in your brain," Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said. "You hurt everywhere when you do not play well. If you are any kind of competitor you are hurt. You want to go out and rectify it."

That should maybe go on the sign welcoming you to Buffalo.

Welcome To Buffalo! Your Soul Will Hurt!
Byron William Brown II, Mayor

New England at Seattle (CBS): Strange that CBS has the Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts duo working a Patriots game with this interesting a hook to it. Best offense going up against the best defense at the home of the [vomits] "12th man." That's like C-level talent for what, on paper, could be a very competitive football game. Maybe they didn't feel like blowing their wad when they're up against Giants-49ers on FOX. Oh, hey.

New York Giants at San Francisco (FOX): Man, remember when Mike Singletary was the crazy person in charge of the 49ers? Didn't think it could get crazier than Mr. Conspicuous Wooden Cross And Inconspicuous Pants, did you? Yet here we are, a season and some change into Harbaugh's NFL career and he's surpassed Singletary with ease. Foaming at the mouth at replacement refs, somehow making Jim Schwartz look like the lesser asshole and now Kevin Gilbride. The poor guy has already been punched by Buddy Ryan and now he's having press releases issued in response to, like, a one sentence quote. Tom Coughlin gives this behavior five exasperated faces.

Minnesota at Washington (FOX): At some point hopefully, the people of Washington, D.C. will pick themselves up, stop getting on Mike Rizzo so much and remember that they still have Dan Snyder in their backyard. It sounds like Robert Griffin III will play today. I will also use this time to point out that Rex Grossman is still the Redskins third-string quarterback. This has been your weekly Rex Grossman Is The Redskins Third-String Quarterback Update.

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