According to the YouTube uploader, this all went down at Game 5 in Oakland. It's unclear why this A's fan, who may or may not be inebriated, was talking to the Fielder family but at some point a woman who looks strikingly like Prince Fielder's wife starts chewing him out for calling her son a girl. If you listen at the end the Oakland P.A. announces a number 28—which is Prince Fielder's number—coming to bat and Eric Sogard, who wears 28 for Oakland did not play. Is it possible this man was giving Prince Fielder's son a hard time for cheering for his dad?

We edited the original upload to make it actually viewable, but the whole thing has a very Scorsese-Goodfellas feel to it, what with the Stones and the slow pan and the drunken misunderstandings.