The NFL's ongoing effort to combat breast cancer by wearing colorful clothing continues, and Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk was happy to take part in repping the pink during last night's 42-24 dominance by Green Bay in Houston, and, wow, that score's not just a palindrome but the number two paired with the square of the number two, which is just two times two or two to the second power. Lots of twos, in this pink game.

But if you had to talk about one team that stinks, it would be the Houston Texans. Their offense far from a well-lubricated machine (Matt Schaub threw two interceptions), it was only their defense where things were flowing smoothly—though unfortunately for Texans fans, it was Packers receivers passing smoothly through a Houston secondary. Aaron Rodgers threw for 338 yards and six touchdowns, with three of them going to receiver Jordy Nelson. After five straight wins had Houston feeling good, this loss is a sudden and unexpected discomfort.