Nationals Buoyed By Fans' "Magical" A-Ha Singalongs To "Take On Me"-And Tonight's Was The Best Yet | As noted earlier this week, Michael Morse's walkup music choice of a-ha's "Take On Me" has become a rallying cry for "Natitude." The intensity of the singing has increased as the series has gone on, and tonight's eighth-inning rendition was truly a sight to see. Er, hear Read »

"How To Make French Toast: A Guide For People Who Are Not Insane | Properly made, by sane people who understand that more and good are two entirely separate and distinct words, French toast is a wonderfully simple breakfast. Read »

If You Haven't Been Paying Attention, West Virginia's Geno Smith Is Having An Insane Year | ESPN analyst Trevor Matich says that Smith is understanding not just what defenses are doing or will do, but why. Read »

Early Whistle, Notre Dame Beat Stanford In Overtime | Notre Dame might be for real, but the latest Irish victory, this 20-13 OT feather over Stanford, required a huge helping of fairy dust to secure. Read »

Oakland A's Fan Mistakes Prince Fielder's Son For A Girl, Family Chews Him Out | It's unclear why this A's fan, who may or may not be inebriated, was talking to the Fielder family but at some point a woman who looks strikingly like Prince Fielder's wife starts chewing him out for calling her son a girl. Read »

Here's The Insane Suplex An Alabama Defensive Lineman Laid On A Missouri Running Back |On the first play from scrimmage in the game's penultimate possession, DeMichael Fanning flipped Russell Hansbrough alllll the way over, despite pretty much having him wrapped up and stopped on forward progress already. Read »