ESPN Radio in New Hampshire is in the process of filling some sales positions at the station and has interviews set up throughout the week. One of those interviews was going to be with a man known to us only as "George in Nashua." During today's midday show with Christian and King on WGAM—The Game—George in Nashua decided to call into the show and drop some sports truth. You can listen here. It is only a few minutes.

George in Nashua—who is like the old guy in the bar who has one go-to fact for his argument and won't let it out of his teeth—is ticked off with everyone worshipping Tom Brady. Brady, it seems, is having a tough couple days. George in Nashua, however, is especially displeased with Tom and has decided to focus on the weirdest part to hate about Brady, which also happens to make no sense.

Presumably the two hosts had spent some time talking about statistics before our clip begins. Perhaps they expressed shock that the Patriots lost despite Brady having a good statistical day. George in Nashua does not like statistics. He grew up with Marino and Moon and Kelly. Those guys put up big stats allll the time, geeks. What did they win? Nothing!

"So Brady got foah hundrid yahds yesterday—big deal!"

A true geek would point out that Brady only threw for 395 yards—just to get ol' George in Nashua's blood boiling. The point remains, though: Brady and the Patriots lost. So all those fancy yards were worthless. Just like Marino and Moon and Kelly. And another thing! No one's got the guts to say it. Well, George in Nashua is saying it and he's saying it loud and sort of aggressively. Brady is overrated and George in Nashua has been saying it for five years and you guys are a bunch of geeks and stooges for not admitting it.


A geek, or a stooge—as George in Nashua refers to his potential co-workers—might interject here to point out that Brady is routinely praised for being "A Winner." That is, like, the only thing people talk about when they talk about Tom Brady and it is hands down the most annoying thing about him. People talk about Brady being such A Winner because Tom Brady has as many Super Bowl victories as Marino, Moon and Kelly are people. George in Nashua is essentially saying that people should love Alex Rodriguez because he only hits home runs when they are "important."

Sorry for getting a little too George in Nashua-y there—we did kind of stray from the point—but he does spend a considerable time rambling about this, and although at times he seems downright affable, charismatic even, he also seems a little weird and intense—like, you can picture his eyes, right? Wild eyes.

Getting back on track, towards the end of the call, he drops this next little throwaway nugget. It's more of an aside, as he's bullshitting with a fellow Guy Yelling About Sports: "I'm coming in later this week." A reference to the aforementioned Sales position interviews.


One of the hosts writes in:

Our GM was listening to this unhinged tirade and e-mailed George in Nashua
and told him not to worry about coming in for the interview anymore, and
thanks for his interest.

Poor George. We get it, sports and the people who talk about sports can often be so, so annoying when they don't understand how right you are and how wrong everyone else is. But still, maybe use an alias next time. Or wait until after the interview. Or both.


It's unclear, though, if George in Nashua was told "thanks, but no thanks" because of his semi-hostile behavior or if it was because the only thing that made any sense was his answer to the question "what's your favorite team."

He gave a one-word response: "Giants."