The stupid NHL lockout is quickly reaching a critical stage. Even if you don't give a shit about hockey, many of the issues in play are the same ones that (stupidly) disrupted recent NFL and NBA seasons—and those issues won't go away even with the resolution of this stupid work stoppage. Here are three recent Deadspin stories about the NHL lockout that should give you all the context you need.

Where Would The NHL Be If Bain Capital Had Bought The Whole League In 2005?

Here's a weird piece of history: In 2005, during the last NHL lockout, Bain Capital—the private equity firm co-founded by Mitt Romney—tried to buy the entire league. Bain failed, but the company's bid exposed several uncomfortable truths about all sports-league lockouts. Read »

Inside A Secret NHL Focus Group: How A Top GOP Strategist Is Helping Hockey Owners Craft Their Lockout Propaganda

We got our hands on some documents from a secret emergency PR focus group, conducted by political reptile Frank Luntz on behalf of the NHL. Get a preview of the bullshit the owners will try to serve to you! Read »

Yes, It's Almost Time For Hockey. No, There's No Hockey. Deadspin Tries To Explain.

Confused by the lockout? Confused by hockey? Last month, we explained everything. Or at least tried to. Read »