Honestly, I rarely pay attention to web advertising, but eagle-eyed tipster Patrick sends in this screenshot, which is compelling evidence that companies looking to push the boundaries of interactive ads might need to be a little more careful with their content. Miller Lite, apparently, is running some sort of web promotion that runs alongside the Matchup page on your Yahoo Fantasy Football page and pits one fantasy football team name against another and wants you to "vote" on which is funnier. I'm assuming these are picked at random from some pool of actual leagues? (I refreshed mine enough times and came upon an ad for "Royal Canadian Mounted Police" vs. "Fluffy Blumpkins," which sounds both inane and weirdly normal enough to be real.) You'd think they have some kind of filters in place for obscenities and whatnot, but it might be time to throw in a few more terms.

Let us know in the comments if you're seeing anything on your Matchup page even remotely as interesting as our tipster here. (Except Urine Trouble. That's a terrible team name, whoever you are.)