So Garrett Reid, the oldest son of Eagles coach Andy Reid, officially died of a heroin overdose, according to a coroner's report that was released today. This is not surprising, considering Garrett's history of drug abuse and Andy's own statement days after Garrett's death, which strongly implied this was the cause. But what is surprising is a sentence that appears in the Philadelphia Inquirer's report from the coroner's press conference. The sentence was initially the fourth paragraph (as you can see above), but it has since been edited—by getting bumped down to the 14th of the story's 15 graphs. This is what it says:

Some are likely to wonder, though, if the release of the findings, about ten weeks after the death, was delayed to coincide with the Eagles having a bye week.

Who, exactly, are those "some" who are "likely to wonder"? And is anyone really wondering about this? Besides maybe this guy? "Some are likely to wonder if the release of the findings was delayed to coincide with the Eagles blowing a fourth-quarter lead for the second game in a row." "Some are likely to wonder if the release of the findings was delayed to coincide with a waxing crescent moon."


Why would the Inquirer bother suggesting such a thing on the same day it published a story explaining why toxicology results can take a while to complete? Not only that, but another story the Inquirer ran this morning included this sentence:

Although the district attorney's conclusion comes more than two months after the death, it is still within a normal time frame for investigations that involve toxicology testing.

What the hell is going on at the Inquirer? Are crazy people minding the store? Some are likely wonder.

Update (5:25 p.m.): The Inquirer has now removed the sentence altogether.

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