Yesterday we brought you the story of Kyna Treacy, the woman on whom Alex Rodriguez was allegedly macking during Game 1 of the ALCS. The New York Post reported on Tuesday that A-Rod, after being pulled from the game, spied Treacy and a friend in the stands and "had a ball boy toss the young women a baseball inscribed with a message asking for their numbers."

But the A-Rod-hits-on-a-bikini-model story is a little too simple. What about Treacy's friend? She's another Australian model, by the name of Katie Quinn. She's the girl at the right in the photo atop the page.


And as a tipster pointed out to us, A-Rod was not alone on his end of the flirtation, either. Quinn and Treacy told Inside Edition that TWO Yankees sent them postgame text messages: Rodriguez and some other mystery player. They didn't know which message came from Rodriguez and which one came from the other player, so we don't really know which Yankee was trying to pick up which model.

One more unsettling complication: The Deadspin staff is sharply divided on this question, but seeing Quinn on video, one faction was struck by her resemblance, craniofacially, to Rodriguez himself. There are the same plump lips; the same high, puffy cheeks. In her television appearance, Quinn shared A-Rod's less-than-perfect command of her own facial expressions. When A-Rod peeked behind the dugout in the playoff game, did he feel like he was looking in the mirror?

Or does A-Rod's unknown teammate have a thing for ladies who look like A-Rod?

But let's start with the less complicated question: Which Yankee was it who joined A-Rod on his ill-fated quest for love? There's so much recrimination going around, it's hardly fair that Dugout Romantic No. 2 should stay anonymous. (Raul Ibanez?)


The seats at Yankee Stadium may have been underpopulated, but they weren't that empty. Readers: Who saw something, and what did you see?