Impressive! Austin Rehkow, of Central Valley (Wash.) put this one through the uprights with an inch or two to spare, as time expired. The kick tied the game, which CV would go on to win in overtime.

The record for longest FG ever is 69 yards, set in an NCAA D-II game in 1976. The high school record is 68. Yet the NFL record lags, with a three-way tie at 63 yards, and it might be hard to do much better than that. As Chris Kluwe explained in this Reddit thread the other day, the NFL made a rule change a few years back (after the Romo botched snap!), forbidding players from breaking in the kicking balls before a game. How big a deal is that? "It can make a very big impact," Kluwe wrote. "A non-broken in ball is much harder to kick well, and it generally takes us 40-50 kicks to properly break one in."

This will all be rendered moot when Greg Zuerlein hits one from 85.