A little over three years ago, the ESPN studio crew could barely keep it together on the air (and didn't even try off the air) while watching the above display of raw emotion. Clemson came back from a 24-point deficit against Georgia Tech only to lose by a field goal, and one Tigers fan broke the proud Clemson tradition of removed and dignified spectatorship by miming his sadness as demonstratively as possible.

What's Sad Clemson Fan up to these days? Still repping Clemson, still looking sad. Noah writes in to say that he's in Clemson for their game today against Virginia Tech, and ran into a familiar face:

They grow up so fast! Noah says Sad Clemson Fan (née David) was still beaming from talking to Erin Andrews post-meltdown in 2009, and is still "riding strong from the appearance." Let this be a lesson, kids: if your team loses today, act like the Hindenburg just exploded in your backyard. Erin Andrews will call your cell phone and three years later, pleasant drunkards will want to take pictures with you.


No word yet on the relatively stoic Guy On The Left, but if you find him, let us know.

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