Columbus Blue Jackets Fans Gathered At a Bar For An Xbox Simulation Last Night, And The Blue Jackets' Radio Announcers Showed Up To Call It | Lest you think that it's weird or crazy to spend your Friday watching simulation video game hockey, consider your plan of action if your favorite sport was locked out, and your team's announcers showed up at your local bar to call a simulation of one of their games. Read »

Tennessee Fan Is Latest To Take Advantage Of Live TV Camera And Pantomime Blowjobs | One young Vols fan had enough of ESPN's camera and decided to take matters into his own hands. Heh, heh. Read »

What To Eat With The Best Hot Sauce In The World: A Guide For People Who Aren't Anti-Sriracha Bores | Here's what sets sriracha apart from what's typically sold as hot sauce (apart from the fact that you have to walk over to the "Asian" aisle at your supermarket to find it): it is an actual sauce, thick and rich and opaque, as opposed to flavorful vinegar; and it tastes, vividly and brightly and damn near erotically, of red chilis Read »

The Chargers' Equipment Manager Had A Showdown With A Referee Before Emptying His Pockets, Which Were Full Of Illegal Tape | Glazer speculates that the Chargers could be facing a loss of draft picks, "depending on how many people were actually involved in this, how many people knew about this, and how high up it went in the organization." Read »

Men's Journal's Skip Bayless Article Contains The Saddest Paragraph In Recent Memory | Childless, divorced, and void of outside interests, Bayless' one passion is protecting his record in debates. Read »

Fan Runs Onto Field In The Middle Of Live Play During Florida State-Miami Game | Tonight's Idiot in Miami took things to a whole new level, though, rushing onto the field during a play in the first quarter of Florida State's game against the Hurricanes, leading to madness on both sidelines and the inevitable referee meeting. Read »

"Look At Me, Mr. Fucking Howdy Doody!": Wyoming Head Coach Goes On Hilarious Rant After Loss To Air Force | As far as coach meltdowns go, this ranks pretty high. Bonus points are awarded for the fact that Christensen's daughter comes rushing in to try and calm him right before he yells, "Go give your fuckin' press conference, fly boy!" Read »