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Whenever a call goes against a fan's-or degenerate gambler's-chosen team, he or she needs answers more palatable than "the refs messed up." One of those reasons is always that the fix is in. In times of natural disaster or other hearstring-tugging moments it only makes more sense to these people. The idea being that it makes for a good story because if the team located in a recently ravaged area gets a win it will…somehow make things nicer for the people in that area and those in charge of officiating the game somehow care about that? I don't know, we're talking about people who paint their chests and/or willfully agree to part with large sums of money based on the outcome of a sporting event.


So, when the Giants got a few friendly calls against the Pittsburgh Steelers, most glaringly a questionable fumble recovery touchdown before the end of the half, it was of course because the NFL wanted the Giants to win so people in the New York area could forget about their house-turned-houseboat.

Most egregiously, however, is that an actual paid broadcaster has apparently gotten in on the Sandy For The Giants act. David Tuckman is a commentator for Sky Sports and multiple users tweeted their surprise at his remarks regarding Sandy's hand in the Giants' good fortune.