Our servers may have been done in by Hurricane Sandy, but that didn't stop us from blogging away on Tumblr all week. Here are some posts you may have missed while we were in our temporary digs.

Nate Silver's Braying Idiot Detractors Show That Being Ignorant About Politics Is Like Being Ignorant About Sports | In case you haven't been hanging around the benighted corners of the political internet lately, there's an idiotic backlash afoot against Nate Silver, the proprietor of the FiveThirtyEight blog who made his name as one of the sharpest baseball analysts around. Read »

NBA League Pass Broadband Is Shit, And You Should Not Buy It | NBA League Pass Broadband is a fundamentally broken and inadequate service that rips off basketball fans then refuses to answer their pleas for help. Read »

A Guide To The New Criminal Charges Against Penn State Officials Who Allegedly Covered Up For Jerry Sandusky | "The actual harm realized by this wanton failure is staggering," the presentment says. Read »

Did Mike Trout Lose The Gold Glove Because His Corner Outfielders Were Too Good? | The Gold Gloves were handed out this week, and without Derek Jeter as a finalist, we were prepared for a controversy-free awards. We were wrong. Read »

How To Make Nachos: A Guide For The Daring | This time, let's pretend we're making an actual meal for grownups instead of something for hyperactive toddlers to eat with their filthy mitts. Read »

The Bill Simmons Problem, In Two Paragraphs | This is the problem of Bill Simmons: He's too smart to be as dumb as he used to be. Read »

Deadspin NBA Shit List: Eddie House, World Champion Cockroach | An odious, nigh-useless little basketball cockroach, skittering around in the deep shadows cast by his superstar teammates, collecting the garbage-and championship rings-they create. Read »