Every joke ever made about lacrosse is based on the premise that the players are obnoxious, privileged white kids from elite Northeastern prep schools. Stereotypes exist for a reason, though. So it shouldn't be a surprise that Warrior Lacrosse's "Ninja" line of products (such as training shoes called the "Dojo") is being marketed with the tagline "ninja, please." Jovan Miller, the only black player on the roster of Major League Lacrosse's Charlotte Hounds, took offense, calling it "backwards" and decided he wouldn't wear Warrior gear anymore. Then he started giving away all of his Warrior apparel on Twitter:

But Miller refused to send any of his stuff to other black players:

There's only one comment on Warrior's Facebook page criticizing the slogan:

Miller is sponsored by Maverik, a rival company, but MLL was co-founded by Warrior founder David Morrow, and all its teams use Warrior equipment. One Twitter user asked Miller about the potential ramifications of his Warrior boycott:

He later confirmed that retirement was a real possibility:

If Miller did quit MLL, at least he would have another option. He's on the roster of the Colorado Mammoth of the indoor National Lacrosse League, which uses Reebok gear.