A Division III golf coach loses his mind, Tim Duncan flips a fundamentally sound bird, Chris Berman tackles the big issues, and Riley Cooper almost has the best kick-return TD of the year. Here are the best videos of the week.

"Fucking Hunky-Dory": D-III Golf Coach's Profane Rant Is A Thing To Behold

OK, so this isn't actually a video, but it's just too good not to include. Never has such an incredible meltdown occurred in a moment in which the stakes are so hilariously low. Listen »

Tim Duncan Smoothly Gives Fan The Finger In Most Boring And Fundamentally Sound Athlete Meltdown Ever

If you were teaching kids at the YMCA how to properly flip someone off, this is the video you'd show them. Watch »

Here Are The Highlights Of Chris Berman's Interviews With President Obama And Mitt Romney

We can't show you the interviews in their entirety, but here are the best moments from last night. Watch »

Riley Cooper Was Hiding In The Endzone On The Touchdown That Was Called Back For An Illegal Forward Pass

Look at that guy! You can see him at the very beginning of the video, but even better at the 1:10 mark. It's like he's playing backyard commandos or trying to hide behind blades of imitation grass. Watch »