We continue on our Sunday viewing with a double shot of divisional play and a random Jets-Seahawks game. Let's go!

Dallas at Philadelphia (FOX): This looked like a good game to feature nationally in August. Welcome to November, Dallas and Philadelphia. We've been waiting for you. At least the Giants got smoked by the Bengals and one of you guys might be able to capitalize on that. The Cowboys, under Jason Garrett are "urgent" and that's a good thing, apparently.

"A desperate football team? I wouldn't say that at all," coach Jason Garrett said. "You've heard me use the word urgent a lot around here. We believe in urgency 365 days out of the year. That's where we are right now. We have to be urgent in our preparation ... getting ready for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday."

Best of luck to you with that, Jason.

New Yorks Jets at Seattle (CBS): Antonio Cromartie thinks the Jets will make the playoffs and the Jets will probably win this game, suckering the truly gullible fans remaining into believing the season can turn around. We all know how that ends. Sanchez out. Tebow in and flames. Flames everywhere.

St. Louis at San Francisco (FOX): The 49ers have allowed the fewest points in the league and that will give the Rams offense an excuse this week. Alex Smith has the fourth-best quarterback rating in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh says stuff like this:

"A simple approach to how we understand success is to get better today than we were yesterday. Be better tomorrow than we were today," Harbaugh said. "Feel like improvement will lead to wins. And wins will lead to championships. It's an improvement-equals-success theory."


The most important part of any theory is an easily digestible name. Harbaugh's a smart guy. He knows that.

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