Two months after suffering a shocking on-air heart attack that led the WWE to assure viewers that "this is not part of the show," wrestling legend Jerry "The King" Lawler returned to Raw tonight to deliver a heartfelt message to fans—though exactly how heartfelt we'll never know, because his speech was interrupted by the very much kayfabe villainy of C.M. Punk, and subsequent promo-ing between Punk and Mick Foley.


The entire evening seemed to center booked scripts around Lawler's real-life medical issues, which is awkward and weird when Foley is screaming at Punk to respect Lawler because "The King" almost died. Of course, the messy mix between work and shoot (say, when Punk slugged a spectator) is what keeps the WWE relevant—because it's certainly not Linda McMahon's political career. [USA]