Producers didn't give ESPN's Monday Night Football crew enough warning before heading out to them live for a postgame wrap-up from Heinz Field, leading to this bit of inside chatter amongst the panelists—most noticeably, Rick Reilly ensuring that Stuart Scott gave him the credit for being "first on Twitter" with news about Ben Roethlisberger's shoulder injury (much to Steve Young's visible chagrin).

What news was that, though, exactly? Roethlisberger has a sprained shoulder, something that was reported first by Reilly's colleague Adam Schefter. Indeed, here's the vague and not-very-informative tweets Reilly posted tonight:

Okay, so Reilly reported that Roethlisberger had suffered a shoulder injury—something a Pittsburgh columnist reported more than a half hour before Reilly. Another writer from the same paper reported the Steelers QB was headed the hospital five minutes before ESPN. We're at a loss as to for what Reilly thinks he ought to be given credit, other than happening to have Roethlisberger's agent's number in his iPhone. But, then, as we learned earlier today ESPN is pretty well out of the journalism business.