The Redskins are nearing a deal to move their training camp from Ashburn, Va., to Richmond, and not all of Richmond's citizens are thrilled. There are the typical objections‚ÄĒenvironmental impact, cost, the fact that a non-profit with ties to the Catholic Church would own the facilities‚ÄĒand then there's this guy.

You can forward to the 4:25 minute mark for Charles Evans Hughes Sr. (not that one) sharing his concerns with the council, but here's the only part you need to know. Via DC Sports Bog,

"Professional football has murderers, rapists, wife and girlfriend beaters, drunkards, drug takers, child molesters, etc. And you want to put this project next to a children's science museum."

Noted in the minutes.

Richmond citizen opposing Redskins move says football has ‚Äėmurderers, rapists and child molesters' [DC Sports Bog]