The picture above was sent to us by a tipster shortly after the conclusion of last night's Bills-Dolphins game. That appears to be the NFL Network's Michael Irvin attempting to enter the stands, and he doesn't look too happy. Here is what our tipster had to say about the photo:

A buddy of mine was in Buffalo for tonight's game and posted this pic of Mike Irvin in the stands. My buddy says Mike was confronting a fan who heckled him during halftime.

It's tough to draw anything conclusive out of that picture, except that Irvin has excellent taste in eyewear, so we're tossing this one out to the readers. Did you witness Michael Irvin confronting a heckler last night? Do you have photos? A video, maybe? Drop us a line, or give us whatever you've got in the comments section.

Update: We just received the following email from another tipster:

That tipster of yours is full of shit - i was in the 4th row right behind the NFL network set and no such thing happened...Right before halftime, Michael leaned into the stands to talk to a bunch of us and to get photos with people in the first row....he was gracious and kind and funny and laughing...he confronted no one...

Here is just one of the photos i took......


He certainly does look much happier in that picture.