One of the best soccer goals you'll ever see, Eric Berry being hilariously scared of horses, a racist guy starting a fight in the airport, and Rick Reilly being a huge prick. Here are the best videos of the week.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Long-Range Bicycle Kick Goal Is A Truly Astounding Athletic Feat

Just watch Zlatan Ibrahimovic and admire this bicycle kick goal, his fourth on the evening. Watch »

Eric Berry Is Legitimately Terrified Of Horses

The Chiefs would lose that game, due in large part to Berry's continued horse-related agita. (Probably. Maybe. What do I look like, a behavioral psychologist?) Watch »

Here Is A Drunk And Racist Texas A&M Fan Starting A Fight In An Airport

He doesn't get the beating you might wish upon him, but let's hope plenty of internet shame is coming his way. Watch »

ESPN Camera Catches Rick Reilly Ordering Stu Scott To Credit His Twitter Feed

Producers didn't give ESPN's Monday Night Football crew enough warning before heading out to them live for a postgame wrap-up from Heinz Field, leading to this bit of inside chatter amongst the panelists. Watch »